Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

August 16, 2016

 As a fanfic writer of 15 years, I am floored by this story. I probably spend more time explaining/defending my fan fiction writing to people than I actually spend, you know, writing fan fiction. So I 100% relate to Cath when it comes to EVERYTHING she's going though. 

People still have so many weird misconceptions about what fan fiction is, what kind of people write it, and it all results in lots of really awkward conversations that, frankly, are super freaking annoying. Which is why this book was so AMAZING to me. And I think would be for other fanfic writers. It's a world for us! A world where some FINALLY gets it. Cath is us, we are Cath. We know that write until two am just because you love it feeling.

None of us have ever written fan fiction with the intent of it becoming wildly profitable. We write because we love it. We write because we must, just like Cath. I think a huge part of what makes fan fiction so singularly special is that there is no ambition in it, only passion.

I think the reason people feel so comfortable mocking fan fiction authors is because we're somehow less "real" or "legitimate" than other writers in their minds, and they don't think we'll take personal offense to them mocking our work. When Cath was in the office with her professor I understood what she was going through. One of my College Professors also said my work was not original, silly and something he himself would never do. Only mine said it in front of the whole class. I didn't write for week. 

It took me a very long time to become someone who isn't ashamed of writing fic. These days my motto is "Who gives a fic?" It's a hobby. A beautiful one, and we don't tell all the kids at tee-ball games to give it up. So why should we? I loved this book, I loved Levi because he reminded me of my own boyfriend who has to listen to rants about fictional character after fictional character. Who has to listen to my passionate soap box of fan fiction love and all that it means to me. Boys like Levi are hard to find. 

So that's my review/mostly opinion. I loved this book because its about my world. If you love fan fiction you'll love it too. Actually if you love Harry potter slash with a twilight twist you might like it too.

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