The Girlfriend Request by Jodie Andrefski

August 23, 2016

First of all, this was a wonderful read for a younger YA crowd and teens alike. A Teenager would probably enjoy this more than I did.


That said, this was a huge miss for me. There are a lot of problems here. I think there should have been more development with the FaceBook facade. I feel like I was advertised this big Facebook scandal and I was given a few measly messages which had no actual moving-the-story-further value.  I mean, Eli's feeling toward Emma start to change even before the Facebook request, but he doesn't pursue them so what changes his mind? We never really get to see Eli develop feeling. He kind of just appears every so often and he just like her.


The fake boyfriend scandal had more of a staring role and even that felt a bit rushed and confusing. Don't get me wrong when Jake made an appearance and the story looked like it might turn around I was immediately like, wow this author has some balls. I was impressed, I wanted Andrefski to brake the stereotypical ceiling. But she didn't. So I actually ended up really disliking Emma. 


She clearly uses Jake to get Eli's attention and he knows it and willingly agrees, but then he starts to like her and she seems to like him back and constantly gives this horrible mixed signal gimmick. Like, yeah I'm ready to move on with you, but nope Eli looked my way so will you wait for me to find out if he's interested so I can decide if I'm interested in you? It made her SO wishy-washy, mean and disappointing. Maybe if the story went without the tiny, but there Eli POV's, she might have been better perceived but knowing how bad Eli felt... he deserved better. 


I mean the questions just keep coming. For example, if the most popular girl in school is targeting Emma because she really wants Eli then wouldn't it stand to reason that Eli is one of the most popular and attractive guys at school? AND if Emma's the best friend of one of the hottest and popular guys at school how is it that nobody really notices her, she's never dated anyone and she's the invisible girl?


If Emma is really this amazingly beautiful girl, why does nobody notice that before the beginning of the story when she's a junior in high school? Wasn't she suppose to be a tomboy? Why exactly was she such a nobody? There was never a big makeover scene to draw attention to her appearance. Other than a fake Facebook profile she doesn't really change at all but suddenly out of the blue guys are noticing her and interested in her? 


Plus she just gets away with this fake boyfriend/ fake profile behavior ... that's right there's nothing wrong with lying here. No real lesson learned. No insight to how terribly she really messed with everyone else. She just felt bad about how she was perceived not really about anything she'd done. 


Despite the few times I enjoyed the story there were a lot of questions were things that didn't quite make sense kept pulling me out of it. I approach a lot of these teen stories being realistic about these being teen characters with teen problems and teen personalities but I think this might have been just too young for me. 

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