Blair Witch Review

September 15, 2016

This movie scared me silly. I hid behind my hand and in my boyfriend's arm for a bit. That said, I'm a chicken shit. What scares me probably won't scare you.


The movie is about a group of College students who enter the Black Hills Forest in Maryland to see if the disappearance of James' sister (our hero) is connected to the Blair Witch. As night falls, the students realize the legend is all too real after they are visited by a menacing presence.


Completely honest review here. If you're heading into this movie with the expectation that this cam-held wonder is gonna rock your world. It probably won't. I would hope that those who didn't like the original Blair Witch, Paranormal Activity or Cloverfield aren't going into this one hoping for something different. It's called a genre for a reason. And people who go in expecting any different are fools.


That said, if you're a die hard fan for the shaky camera scenes, loud unexplained noises, and watching people get picked off one by one kind of thriller ... you'll love this.

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