Lack of Focus

September 19, 2016

Lately, it's been hard to focus. Our lifestyle has changed once again and I am even more convinced of my hermit-life style. For the first time ever all of our friends are living ten minutes within walking distance. 


It's one of those, this is totally awesome feelings... immediately followed by ... damnit. 

This means my Saturday and Sunday mornings are even more important. This means a lot of my free time will be occupied. More nights out. More expenses. More weekend plans. Expected holiday plans. 


In other words as a writer, shit just got complicated. 


I love my friends. Unlike my family, I got to choose this great bunch. These people have seen me drunk off my ass, sober as a judge when my debit card got declined, and they love my cooking. 

Along with that distraction, my sister has announced her plans to move out next March. For those of you not in the know, she moved into my office last October. So I'm uber excited about getting my writing space back. 


Not that my writing space now isn't totally awesome. It's just that being situated by the trash can and across from the microwave isn't all that glamorous. I can't wait to have a whole room again to work in. 


Another distraction is a personal one. My boyfriend and I are not fighting. Nothing like that. It's just that I feel we've come to a milestone in our relationship and unfortunately we're walking away from it in two different directions. Before my sister moved in I wanted kids. He didn't. Now my sisters moving out and the idea of kids seems freighting. I want me time. More time to work on my writing, to have an office, to only have to take care of me. Meanwhile, my boyfriend has now become favorable to idea of starting a family. 


If it happens, it is ultimately something I want. Just maybe more at 35 instead of 28. 

I'm also excited about saving up for a vacation to finally see my parents for the first time in over a year. I miss them and I want to see them. 


There are other personal issues, ones I won't get into, I am making it my priority to put my nose to the grid this month. I plan to finish chapter one of the first draft of You Wouldn't Understand and finish my latest fan fiction Who Gives a Fic? 


Any woo, the pizza I ordered just got here. This has been a small but hopefully welcomed update from your favorite girl. Check back in later this week, hopefully I'll have a book review for you. 

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