January 26, 2016


The month of February will be the month that marks the end of a long committed relationship with the most mentally abusive woman in the world, Sallie Mae. 


I think there is no question when it comes to Sallie Mae/Navient or whatever new name they come up with to rebrand themselves, it's a nightmare. I truly believe that if Osama had a student loan, Sallie’s mad stalking skills would have found him on September 12th. 


If you don’t know Sallie consider yourself lucky.


Never have I heard so many “I don’t know, we’re not sure, please call this number instead,” excuses from a corporation. Sallie has destroyed my credit, but dare I ask her why a due date has changed or why the payment amount is different from last month because she doesn’t know.  Seriously, the level of incompetence here is nearly impossible to express!


When I first called Sallie to discuss my payment plans the representative suggested setting up an automated ACH payment that would withdraw the loan payment from my bank account each month. It sounded like a good idea, so I provided my bank account info.


Someone explain how the very next month I received several automated voice mails that my payment for the month were past due. So I called Sallie again to discuss this nonsense and was told that once it's set up "sometimes it requires an additional month for the automated ACH payment to work." In the meantime, I should send them a check as I had in the past. I was then assured that the following month the ACH payment would go through.


When the next month rolled around I still I received several more automated voice mails that my account was past due for the month, so I called Sallie. I told them to forget about the ACH payments; I’ll just keep calling every month to make the payments on the phone. Then I noticed that they double charged me. Once from my phone payment and then from my ACH which I thought had been canceled.


In an attempt to be an adult about this, I called Sallie and explained the situation to the representative, and said "I would like to skip the payments for next month.” You know because I paid twice already. They said was OK and she would "turn off" the automated ACH. (Which should have been off to begin with.)


Again I received several automated voicemails that my account was past due. I called again and explained the situation again in detail to the representative again. They confirmed that I had called in before to set up the automated ACH and simply said "I don't know why it didn't work."


Are you fucking kidding me? 


To top it off they would not refund my money or skip the next month’s payment I was out my gas bill and Sallie didn’t give a shit. 


Sallie uses a special kind of predatory lending tactics that are inescapable. There were three months I was unemployed and I called to let them know about my employment status, they told me to file an economic hardship application for the student loans but there was nothing to do for the private loans and that I would still have to make payment. So began the decline of my credit score. 


I filed the hardship application the next day. Month two it was supposedly “processed.” Month three when they charged me anyway, I called only to find out that my paperwork was not the right paperwork for my situation. When I was finally employed my first two entire paychecks went to Sallie Mae just to catch up and stop the phone calls.

During this time Sallie extremely and aggressively called me and my parents at all times of day. I never use to answer my phone.  In fact Sallie Mae is the reason I leave my phone on silent till this day.


For anyone going to college and just starting the financial aid process. They might make you feel like they're helping you or GIVING you a hand out like you're a charity case, but be aware you will be stuck paying them for almost the rest of your life.


I started fresh out of college with seven loan payments and paying over 800 dollars a month in student loans. After LOTS of struggle, research and tears I successfully consolidated my loans into three and am paying 500 dollars a month. In February I will make my last payment to Sallie. Leaving me with two student loans at the cost of 350 a month.


No break up has ever been sweeter! I’ve dealt with Sallie for six long years and let me just say these issues are just the minimal of what I’ve had to deal with while working to pay this loan off. 


Good riddance! 




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