I'm Getting Married.

October 17, 2016

 It finally happened. He asked me to be his wife. 


And I said yes.


Let me tell ya, I’ve been engaged for three weeks now and getting married is a lot like winning a large sum of money. Family comes out of the woodwork, suddenly everyone tells you how to do things, and everyone thinks some else is in your ear controlling you like a puppet.


We are no strangers to family and guest drama at weddings. People are people and people can bring the drama. From momzillas pressuring you to lose weight to not inviting family to your wedding to dealing with angry siblings to estranged fathers to angry sisters and bridesmaids...


Society has made it clear. Getting married is … a very emotionally overwhelming experience. 

During the first week the wedding seemed to plan itself overnight. The hall includes the cake, ceremony, caterer, parking, open bar, bartenders and weight staff. The location was perfect. The price… four thousand and eight hundred dollars.


Perfect right? The drama begins. And yes, a story may come from all this. It is what writers do after all.  


It’s hard enough that my parents are in a different state and a lot of the planning falls on me. I won’t have my mom there when I pick out the food, taste the cake, or try on my wedding dress. But now I have to work double time. Reassuring people they were involved and appreciated. Convincing everyone that I know what I want, how to execute it and that I am able to afford it.

Truth is, I’m reading a lot of wedding blogs. And doing a lot a research because I know absolutely nothing. 


And as the bride, you have to have the answer to every question asked.  




I’ve already picked two member of the family to help me plan. I’ve filled my wedding planning book with as much detail as possible. 


My overall budget is about $6,500. For a wedding of 100 guest, and everything I’ve read they say this is possible.


I’ve already book my photographer. $595 for 10 hours of coverage, four locations and my own online site for people to buy pictures from. 


The cost so far is $5,395.00. The only thing I can do now is keep trucking though this insane journey to my wedding day. 


Wish me luck guys!

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