The Boyfriend Bet (Boyfriend Chronicles #2) by Chris Cannon

November 15, 2016

The Boyfriend Bet is the second title in the Boyfriend Chronicles series. Its connection to Blackmail Boyfriend is via Jane- Zoe's cousin. Personally I did not like the plot, characters, or tone.


The one area where this book really excelled is with the banter between Zoe and Grant. I feel like Cannon wrote some really great snarky and funny scenes between the two of them. Unfortunately, that spark did not transfer into their relationship. I just couldn't buy into it. Grant's narration, even to the end, made it difficult to believe that he wanted a relationship with Zoe. I feel like their relationship was toxic, and not romantic.


The constant need to weigh whether or not Grant wanted Zoe by comparing his quirky, spunky, poor girlfriend against his standard of beauty was hard to swallow. I didn’t like either character. They weren’t believable together and I was more interested in Delia's growing relationship with Aiden than I was with whatever was going on with the two main characters.


I feel like the story began with a strong bang. Then what started out strong, became redundant with repeating the same actions over and over again, with the same reactions received. The PDA & detentions got old. Fast. Yet it happened over and over again. I felt like Zoe was impulsive, which came across as catty, mean-spirited, and immature at times. I didn’t find her to be a strong character at all and the fact that at end, even after all the drama Grant put her though, he won the argument by claiming she didn’t trust him.


At that point, no one did trusted Grant. That incident in the real world would have been the last straw and it pained me to watch that unfold. It was crazy that Zoe believed she was at fault and actually took the responsibility for that. Such a horrible message and lesson.


The writing style was good and I'm sure if it weren't for the characters I may have enjoyed it better. I'm sure someone will love this book more than I did, but it just didn’t work for me.


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