Crazy, Stupid, Fauxmance by Shellee Roberts

November 30, 2016

I know, clearly I have a thing for Entangled Crush books... They’ve been a guilty pleasure lately. They’re well written, enjoyable, cute & full of that fluff. However as much as I enjoy some of these books reading the multi-author series, I find to be a bittersweet experience. These books have a formula to them and in this world they beat you over the head with that formula for as long as they can. Sometimes even longer.


I have not read How Willa Got Her Groove Back. This book peeked my curiosity but the fact that Willa and Finn weren’t together makes me feel like reading the book would be a wash. 


This book is written from Mariely Hinojosa, the protagonist. A girl who loves acting and would like to be an actress one day. There are also a few chapters written from Cabot Wheeler and his perfectionist ways, a boy who loves photography and painting. This story follows them and their attempts to salvage what is left of their hearts and their reputations while unknowingly starting something, neither of them knew they needed.


Mariely was a very nice protagonist, she was funny but sometimes a little insecure. She was unsure of herself, but also of her home. I like that she was smart and that she stands up for herself. I’d love to see more of that in the Entangled Crush books series.


As for Cabot, I wish we'd gotten to be inside his head a little bit more. I enjoyed the peeks we got from him, but I feel like there's more we could have learned. I feel like he was hot and cold and briefly developed as a leading character. 


The way Mariely and Cabot fall in love is realistic and also very cute. You felt them grow closer, you saw them relate to one another. It was super easy to see them slowly falling for each other and that makes reading it so much more fun! 


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