Daisy and the Front Man (Backstage Pass #3) by Rebekah L. Purdy

December 14, 2016

I thought the first book was good for what it was. By book two I wanted to walk away from it all. Then the set went on sale for ninety-nine cents- and I thought why not?


Two reasons why I’m still reading. I want to know when LJ gets the boot and the stuff about the band is pretty interesting. I did find the idea of a revenge plot entertaining in the beginning. It promised something different for this series: a new sort of humor, a different spin on the fangirl backstory. But I feel like Daisy came off as a whining, moaning little brat instead. I ended up not liking her because I just couldn’t connect with her.


 I feel like Daisy could have been written better. She has a strained relationship with her dad, who happens to be a bodyguard for the one and only Seconds to Juliet. I think the relationship with her father could have been used a little less. Daisy seemed to blame everything that was wrong with her on him. Daisy’s little revenge plot struck me as a little immature. Bonus point for the hair dye and social media hacking. Those were harmless and fun pranks that I wish we got to see more of.


Trevin is the oldest member of Seconds to Juliet. He's the one they all look up to. The one who keeps them in line. It's a lot of pressure. I think this could have been used more to move the plot along. There was definitely potential with this plot line, but I feel like it was missed and undersold.


There was some romance between Trevin and Daisy, but I felt a little unsure about the whole thing seeing as they both seemed to have ulterior motives. To me the romance was fast paced, unbelievable and to phony. Obviously, part of this has to do with the revenge plot/bet portion of the story...but even during those moments where guards were let down and real emotions came into play, it didn't read as sincere for me. 


We saw MUCH more of Nathan and Will in this book, which I loved—it gives me something to look forward to going in to the last few installments.  The relationships and bonds between the boys were strong and clearly defined in this book, which I enjoyed. 


I didn’t enjoy it as much as the first two. I would still recommend this book to the lovers of cutesy contemporaries.

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