Floral Arrangements

June 2, 2017

Everyone loves wedding floral arrangements, but ordering from the florist can be expensive, and most people are too intimidated to assemble their own arrangements.


I’m a bride on a budget, so I began my research and found out that floral arrangements are a lot easier than you think. I choose to do mine with artificial flowers, the arrangements are just as pretty and I caught a sale at Joanna Fabrics. Over all this project cost me $50 but I was able to make 8 arrangements.


Just follow these tried and true steps that take the mystery out of making beautiful, professional-looking floral creations.







What you will need:

Vase (I used small tin buckets and mini used Drawers.)


Greenery (Leaves, Thistle, Moss, etc.) 

Floral Foam (I used wet foam, easier to mold into my drawers.) 

Floral tape



Step 1: Pick Out Your Flowers.


Start by selecting the right amount of flowers. The trick is to look at the opening of your vase, and then purchase enough blooms to make up four times the surface area of that opening. Don’t get overwhelmed by about how to mix and match colors. The simplest solution is to select three to five flower types in the same color family.


Step 2: Fill your vase with Foam.  


Cut down the floral foam to fit into the vase. Cut smaller pieces to fill in the gaps. To hold the foam in the urn, tape on with tape. (Side note: if you’re doing a clear vase get some moss or pebbles to stuff around your foam to hide it.) 


Step 3: Adding Greenery.


Start with your largest greens, leaves, ferns, or seeded eucalyptus. Place stems all the way around the vase, creating the shape you want your arrangement to be. Put the stems evenly around the vase, some close to the lip and some sticking higher up.


Step 4: Adding Flowers.


Start with your main, largest flower. Cut the stems on an angle and stick into the foam. Place some near the lip of your vase and some sticking higher up. Spin your arrangement as you work, so each side looks even. Continue to work your way down in size leaving the smaller flowers for last. Start to fill in the gaps all the way around your vase.


At the end I used a bit of moss to fill any gaps around the outside of my vases. 



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