June 23, 2017

As soon as I got all my centerpiece parts together I figured out quickly I was missing a stand. I needed something as a base for creations. Tree logs at a craft store are about 10 each. Going up to my uncle’s property and finding a tree to cut was also an option. Finding time to make a weekend of it…was exhausting.  


The creative wheels started churning and I realized that I needed a better idea and sawed and sanded tree limbs or store bought ones. Then I discovered paint stirs. Don’t judge! Its 99 cents for 10 of them at Home Depot. I picked up ten packs and my glue gun and I went to work. 



These pallets are epic. I was surprised at how easy they were to make... in fact, the most difficult part of this project was the varnishing. I stained each stir-stick with my choice of stain by rubbing each side with an old rag. After they completely dried, I lined them up. Laid three flat for the bottom (writing side down), making sure they are equal-width apart and fit the length of one stir-stick.


My centerpieces were already awesome but having these stands really completed the look. Bonus: I already had varnish and glue so this project was only $10.




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