The List by Siobhan Vivian

November 7, 2017

I always wanted to read this book, yet constantly skipped over it. Not that I regret ever picking it up, but I am sad to say that the book did not reach my expectations. I thought this book had the potential to be really good and I'm sure the author set out with the greatest of intentions, however, I think this novel failed to deliver. 


Major props for the eight POVs of the girls on The List. There are two from each grade, who were labeled prettiest and ugliest of their year by the mysterious author of The List. I feel like the author took on way too much. This book tackles bullying, anorexia, friend troubles, family troubles, boy troubles, and being an outsider. It has every chance to be amazing and great! I Honestly want to give this book five stars for intention.


But I can't. It felt undone. As if the ending was removed from, simply cut out at random. I was left with lots of questions, concerns, and felt lots of loose ends left behind. Everything from the previous chapters felt wasted. wilted because the ending was so...flat. This book is in desperate need of a Sunday. 


Despite the disappointment, I can't be entirely negative about the novel. It is a good read, it does make you think and it is about important things from perspectives that matter. This is a novel about teenage girls and how different a high school experience can be depending on the way you look and who your friends are.


On the plot alone, five stars. On the execution of the story, two stars. With the current ending, this book is an unfinished work. 


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