Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty

December 25, 2017

Honestly, I didn't think I was going to like this book and I was pleasantly surprised when it turned into one of my favorites. The number one reason being that the characters were so real and relatable. No one person is perfect and there are many sides to a story. This book did a flawless job of proving that. 

Basically, a murder takes place during the elementary school Trivia night (Totally believable, Moms are crazy and fiercely competitive). However, no one knows who died, nor who did the killing. Throughout the book, different parents who were at the event give their testimonies, but like many competing narratives, they disqualify and contradict each other, proving that no one is a reliable narrator.

The book circles three really diverse, relatable and strong women. Madeline, the middle-class mom with a broken family, Celeste, the impossibly beautiful and wealthy wife, and Jane, a new mom whose past is a mystery. While each woman is victimized in the story, I never really got the sense that they were victims or at least that they saw themselves as such. What I did see were three women who could be anyone. They could have been my neighbor, me or a relative. Someone normal that wouldn't warrant a second thought. How scary is that? 

By her second appearance, Madeline was my favorite voice. I saw a lot of myself in her and a lot of things that I think about came freely pouring from her lips. Some may say that she's self-absorbed but aren't we all a little self-absorbed to a degree. I found her to be more carefree and confident. Warning: if Madeline is your favorite, do not watch the show. It's sad to see her stripped down to a bare cliche when there is so much more to her character. 

This book has a little bit of everything, a thought-and discussion-provoking depiction of bullying, a razor-sharp social satire, and a mystery that keeps you guessing until its shocking revelation. Literally, I forgot where I was and shouted: "Get the f**k out!" in the middle of the office while reading on break. 

I highly recommend it.

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