Bed Rest: Week Two.

December 15, 2018

Laying around the house all day, binge watching TV and eating cupcakes may seem like a dream come true, but parking it in your pajamas can get old really quick. Plus, I’m not really rolling in cupcakes.

I know. Tragic.

We are 21 weeks into our pregnancy and my son is healthy. Doctors say he is just where he should be at this stage. However, his momma has an incompetent cervix but the doctors were able to catch it quickly. They were able to put in an emergency cervix cerclage last Tuesday.

It was a very surreal experience. A big moment of welcome to parenthood for my husband and I. We came very close to labor and that was terrifying. My little sister spent most of the night with us at the hospital as I came down from my epidural.

This being our first pregnancy, we have no clue what we’re doing or how severe certain issues are. So we’re doing our best to obey every order the doctor tells us too.

I’ve been on bed rest for two weeks now, working from home for this last week. My days are filled with shifting side to side in bed or on the couch. I absolutely hate it. When I’m anxious I clean, cook or move around the furniture, on bed rest I’m restricted to just rearranging my pillows.

I feel more overwhelmed then scared. I’m worried about our finances, my income, our household, my husband and my inability to relax. I feel helpless. I can’t shop for groceries or cook. My husband has taken on a lot of the day to day, and then is the constant worry about the baby.

We don’t know if he’s going to be born at early or full-term, or if he’ll even survive. So my bed rest has been anything but restful.

My family is helping. My grandmother has been stoping by to clean, family and friends are bringing meals. Their are a few perks to bed rest, still not in love with it but it could be worse.

Nevertheless, I have to stay positive. I can’t wait to meet my son, to argue over uneaten veggies, pick up his shoes from everywhere but the hallway and to love him unconditionally.

And that’s where we are this week.  

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