You're Family Changes.

August 3, 2019

Adding a baby to the mix has some quirky effects. It’s a game changer in the family hierarchy. Suddenly in-laws I never spoke to are becoming people I exchange baby clothes and supporting words with. Family functions are a bigger deal.


And believe it or not you can make enemies as well. I have found myself in three situations where other moms have presented a competitive streak. If not careful as a new mom, it can be like walking right into a hyena’s den.


On the other hand if you and your father-in-law have never seen eye-to-eye, you may be surprised to discover that a baby provides new common ground. Everyone finds him adorable! I have been shocked with the nonjudgmental advice and appreciation of my mothering.


Unfortunately, having a baby has done little to improve my own relationships with my family members. Surprise, surprise there! I am not quite sure how to explain it, but my family has been just a little too vindictive in their advice giving and comments. To be honest, it makes me uncomfortable. But that’s a story for another day.


Moral of the story is just like you will find out who your friends are, family will also show their true colors as well. 

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