3 Stars For Cinder & Ella by Kelly Oram

August 23, 2019

Let me start this review by saying, this was the teen romance my soul needed this week.

That said, this book isn’t the most original story. Hell, it’s not even a literary grand slam or in my opinion, developed to its full potential, but it does make you smile. And at the end of the day isn’t that what we’re all striving for.  


In the real world I spend most of my day arguing circles around claims and contracts. I deal with the most disgruntled and the occasional man who thinks he is God’s gift to the industry. So when something makes me smile or gives that little sigh of make believe magic I put it on the high shelf.

Even though I began reading this with different expectations, I wasn’t disappointed. Whenever I need something light and fluffy to read, I always turn to teen romance. After all, what’s more light and fluffy than puppy love. Well, two chapters in and I got a dose of all the feels. Which was fine, because this book was amazing.


Cinder and Ella both lead hectic lives in their own way, and they each find solace and peace in the same each other and find themselves in a chatroom where they can talk for hours on end. In this generation, you don’t need to be face to face to have an epic romance. And my favorite part is that they are, essentially, best friends first. Insta-love is great, but it’s not the kind of romance a girl wishes for late at night when all she want’s is cheesecake and Supernatural marathon. #TeamDean


Sometimes, I felt like Ella’s story was going to tear my heart in two. We all want to believe that the world is a better place and that people aren’t complete shits but that doesn’t make it true. Mob mentality is real. The way she got either ignored or bullied at school for not looking like everyone else, is realistically something kids would do.


And the way she never truly fit in with her new family, I love how Oram validated not only Ella’s feelings but Juliet and Anastasia’s as well. While the other side of the coin is not always the most favorable it is important to have that perspective. It was absolutely heart-breaking to watch her going through the motions of what others have taken for granted. She walks with a cane, she can’t fully stretch her right (mangled) hand, she was forced to move in with a father who left her when she was 8 years old. Having never been in that situation, the writer did do a fantastic job of putting me there.

I could relate and understand where Ella was coming from. I could see Juliet’s point and, while not favorable, I whole heartedly sympathize with Anastasia. What it comes down to is that everyone has a bad guy in their story and I feel like this book did a good job in highlighting just that. People aren’t all bad or all good. We’re all just forced to co-exist.


So why 3 stars you ask? 


Oram could have done a few Google searches for research. I’m not a lawyer or a therapist but having one suicide attempt way back in the past probably isn’t going to be enough, especially if the character doesn’t try to harm themselves since and has fairly rational goals and a healthy view on life. I mean come on, Ella just wants to go to college and according to her shrink, not figuring out the exact dormitory this instant means she unstable.  Uh, What?


I also found it annoying that the main character is constantly threatened by her own shrink about going to a mental institute all because she doesn’t want to be a super extrovert and make friends. I feel like they could have supported these instances a little better and could have used that opportunity to beef up the plot and give Ella more of a comeback.

But that’s just me, what did you think of the book? Do you think Kelly Oram should get an award for her ability to write every character of this book as an asshole? Because let’s face it, they’re all assholes even our lead who I felt sympathy for. At the end of it all, she had her asshole moments too.


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