The Reaper's Daughter

Release Date: July 15, 2016


Contrary to popular belief, serial killers aren't usually loners. In fact, many of history's most notorious murderers had spouses and children. 

Eight-teen-year-old Emma Wolf is haunted by the victims of her father's crimes. She constantly feels like she’ll never be part of this world, but just a spectator watching normal people go about their lives. She couldn't go back and make amends for her father's crimes. She thought she had things figured out: join a few good causes, be a good girl, eat all her vegetables. Never lose control. 

So when her aunt finds out she's been invited to join the kid's from her local church for a week-long trip to South Padre Island, she pushes Emma to go. Why else would she - the most socially awkward, fact spewing outcast - spend the first week of summer with a bunch of kids, who she has nothing in common with? 

So much for not losing control. 

ISBN-13: 978-1522786962
ISBN-10: 1522786961 
 ISBN: 978-1-365-25756-8

Praise For The Reaper's Daughter

"I really enjoyed the book and going through different emotions with Emma. I liked most of the characters, I mean you have to have one mean girl and one boy trying to get with all the girls. But sometimes if people open up and give themselves a chance, they find out not everyone is what they seem on the outside. "

Melissa Martin, Goodreads,  7/24/16

"So good! It's hard to put down."

Alana Salazar,  7/27/16

"I received this book today as a GoodReads Giveaway. I enjoyed it thoroughly. It was a great premise and while it had the generic love triangle, it wasn't overly sappy. I am not a religious person and was a bit skeptical of the addition of some of the conversations about God in the book but they were not pushy and dealt with figuring out how to have faith when it feels that you've been betrayed."

Melinda Weprin,  8/08/16

© 2014 by Anais Torres. 

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